The Science Explorations™ program is designed to assist teachers with a set of high-quality, hands-on science activities that have a high likelihood of success in the elementary classroom.  The Science Explorations™ activities provide an engaging and meaningful experience for students of al abilities while reinforcing core grade-level concepts.


Each Science Explorations™ unit comprises three parts:


  1. Teacher preparation materials for a hands-on activity, including a time estimate, a suggested group size, a lesson summary with goals and objectives, and a materials list.  The preparation is clearly explained, and the classroom procedure is spelled out.
  2. Copy-ready masters for student handouts for the hands-on activity. Students are encouraged to answer al questions in compete sentences to reinforce language arts skills.
  3. A short demonstration video for the activity, showing close-up demonstrations and clear, accurate descriptions of the science involved. Teachers may use the videos to familiarize themselves with the activity, and they may also show the video to their students as an introduction to the hands-on activity.